Interpreting Colombia provides cutting-edge technology for simultaneous interpretation. We are available to advise our clients in choosing the best setup, according to their needs and budget.

Together with supplying the equipment, we take care of all of the logistics associated to their use, including transportation, set-up, permanent technical assistance, and personnel who will assist in the distribution of the receiver headsets.

Our technicians are experienced in troubleshooting sound problems as they arise, ensuring a smooth service.

  • Includes a soundproof ISO 4043 certified translation booth
  • Cutting-edge technology: improved sound quality
  • Complete sound confidentiality
  • Immune to radio interference
  • Multichannel Bosch receivers: a channel for each language (greater ease for users)
  • Requires prior set-up and a hall outfitted with a sound system
  • $$$
  • Includes a soundproof translation booth
  • Ease of installation
  • Single channel Enersound receivers: a shared channel for all target languages
  • Requires prior set-up and a hall outfitted with a sound system
  • $$
  • Does not require prior set-up, translation booth, or sound system
  • Allows total mobility
  • $
  • Ideales for:
    1. small meetings
    2. field visits
    3. on-site tours