Linking peoples and cultures

Our interpreters ensure effective, seamless communication between people from different nations.

Whether you are looking to sell a product at an international event, present your services to an audience in a different language, or train a new team in Colombia, working with a good interpreter can make all the difference in the world. Our professionals become an extension of your company or organization, representing you and your brand. We take this responsibility very seriously, making sure to offer services at the highest standards of excellence.

We offer you expert advice and a direct contact with your interpreter, which will help guarantee the highest quality of translation at your event or meeting. Interpretation should be so seamless and precise that both speaker and audience have the sense that they are communicating directly, without an intermediary. The interpreter becomes invisible as the parties communicate freely at their own pace.

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Our interpreters have mastered diverse technical subjects and industries:



culturaCulture: music, film, and literature

derechoLaw and government

economiaEconomics and finance


energiaEnergy, gas, and petroleum


mercadeoSales and marketing


exterioresForeign affairs

empresarialBusiness administration

fuerzasMilitary and law enforcement

hoteleriaHospitality and tourism

industriaShipbuilding and shipping

ingenieriaEngineering and architecture

logisticaLogistics and transportation

medicinaMedicine and pharmaceutics

socialesSocial and human development



See simultaneous interpretation
Other interpretation forms

How does it work?

The speaker pauses after each phrase, allowing the interpreter to repeat what was said in the target language. It should be taken into account that this doubles the time spent in dialogue or presenting.

In which situations is it used?

Nowadays consecutive interpretation has been largely replaced by simultaneous, but it can still be useful in certain instances: accompanying a delegation, small groups on a field visit, brief meetings, negotiations, interviews, and press conferences.

Key factors

In addition to a deep knowledge of languages, interpreters must have polished social skills to ensure that communication is smooth, allowing clients to reach their goals.

How does it work?

The interpreter sits next to the person requiring translation and whispers what is spoken into their ear.

In which situations is it used?

At meetings and field visits in which only one or two people require translation. In these situations it may be used instead of consecutive in order to save time.

Key factors

The physical presence and social skills of the interpreter, in addition to language skills, make for a complete and agreeable translation.

Trust your event into expert hands

Interpreting is much more than a mechanical operation. It’s about getting a clear message across in split seconds, making sure that what is said reflects the speaker’s intent and takes into account the audience’s cultural background. Good interpreters are rare, and a large part of your success depends on their work. Put yourself in good hands.

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