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Stress-free multilingual events

hybrid, multilingual ProColombia event with onsite speakers & attendees in Bogota, Colombia, using simultaneous interpretation
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In today’s world of remote and hybrid events, there is a lot to keep in mind. Throw in the complexity of multiple languages and participants connecting from all over the globe, the risk of a Tower of Babel remake is all too real. This is where we come into the picture.

We help you create memorable multilingual events where technology doesn’t get in the way. When you partner with us you receive:

Many formats, many languages

Are you planning an event with:

Remote speakers and on-site attendees?


On-site speakers and remote attendees?


All of the above + multiple languages?

Keep reading to find out how our solutions help attendees and speakers feel connected and involved, each in their own language.

onsite panelists and hybrid event setup with multiple screens, laptops, AV console, and cables

A one-stop shop for multilingual meetings

We’ll suggest the best fit to cover your needs and adapt our service package to something that works for you, whether that be 100% remote or a hybrid setup.

Video conferencing event platform

Landing page showcasing multilingual streaming

Branded event registration or landing page

Sponsor visibility

Multilingual breakout rooms

Real-time bilingual tech support

Presenter preparation and rehearsal

Simultaneous interpretation solutions

Multiple language channels or streams

Real-time captioning in language of choice

Recordings in language of choice

Live streaming in language of choice

Branded screens and name tags

Multilingual polling

Post-event reports


Live chat translation

Virtual backstage

Countdown timer

Sign language solutions

Microphones, PA, and recording systems

Sponsor visibility

Host international meetings where everyone feels heard

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Connect audiences regardless of their language and location with the peace of mind of knowing we’re just a message away.

See us in action

Take a look and let our work speak for itself.

Special Jurisdiction for Peace

International Conference for Transitional Justice

online event
3,000 participants
45 participating countries
3 languages
14 rooms

Services provided: Event design, technical setup and hosting on Zoom | Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, English and French | Pre-recording sessions with international speakers | Language specific streaming to dedicated website | Broadcasting videos, banners, and transitions as per run of show | Breakout rooms

Gabo Foundation

Reporting environmental challenges through the stories of indigenous communities

online event
speaker room in StreamYard
remote interpretation via Interactio
viewers on YouTube

Services provided: Remote simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and English | Remote simultaneous interpretation system and technical support | Simultaneous interpretation app | Recording in language of choice

Embassy of Denmark

Colombia-Denmark Bilateral Dialogues: Los esfuerzos de descarbonización de la sociedad

online event
8 countries
20 speakers
200 participants

Services provided: Event design, setup, and hosting on Zoom | Branded design and re-streaming to YouTube in language of choice

Colombian Family Welfare Institute

Official announcement of IDB financing for Sacúdete

president of Colombia
president of the IDB
hybrid event

Services provided: Interpretation booth, setup, and receivers for onsite participants and hybrid streaming | Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, English, and Colombian Sign Language

UN Women

3rd National Summit on Women and Peace

in-person and remote participants/speakers
remote interpreters
hybrid event

Services provided: Onsite equipment setup to connect onsite participants/speakers to remote participants/speakers/interpreters via audio and video channels | Remote simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and English | Event design, technical setup, and hosting on Zoom